A Champlain College Senior Capstone Project
How do we define our limits? What makes us push to do more than we ever thought possible? People are out there achieving amazing athletic feats that many would believe to be impossible. By educating young adults on diverse ultra endurance challenges, it can get them to challenge their own definitions of the impossible.

Forward is an extensive research project with the goal of finding what can motivate young people to redefine their concept of the impossible. Using a multidisciplinary approach, I identified a problem, researched through the lenses of psychology, sociology and sports marketing to develop a creative framework that is specifically crafted to effectively solve the problem.
The Problem:
As teenagers become adults their worldview begins to take shape. They start to define what they are capable of, and what they will never be able to do. These concepts of identity are formed in early adulthood, and prove to be very difficult to break free from later in life. People become comfortable with their physical limits and accept their place in the athletic world, based on their own construction of self. Motivation and athletic achievement are capable of growing and expanding well into adulthood, but people have to be able to break through their own concepts of their own limits and be willing to go beyond and into the unknown. 
Through the exploration of psychology and sociology, I was able to learn more about how people construct their sense of identity. This understanding of the development and our ability to change the way we think about ourselves gave the necessary insight to be able to create a design system which encourages people to redefine and expand their ideas of personal athletic potential well into adulthood. 
Design Process
Once I had a broader understanding of motivation, identity, and sociology, I was able to establish the brand that is FORWARD. The brand exists to showcase stories and opportunities in the ultra endurance world. The community of ultra endurance athletes are particularly good at constantly redefining their own potential, and showcasing their stories to others is a great way to motivate and open the minds of the audience. Learning of incredible feats and accomplishments can open up a whole new world of exciting potential for any reader. The hope is that the audience can see these stories and reflect on their own relationship with their ideas of personal potential. Forward is designed to get the audience thinking more about their own perceptions of athletic potential, and it does so in a subtle and open ended way which allows personal development and individual growth.
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