SAASSY: Shenanigans and Adventure Squad. Shit Yeah!

We are a crew of adventurers, just out there trying to enjoy nature. As busy college students, we are constantly looking for the next adventure or shenanigan in whatever free time we can scrounge together. We pack as much adventuring in the little time we have free, which means our trips often get ridiculous; just the way we like it. Alpine starts, all day (and all night) efforts are simultaneously accompanied by our silly youthful antics. We push ourselves, without taking ourselves too seriously.
Our members can be seen hiking, climbing, biking, running, kayaking, mountaineering, and of course getting into shenanigans all the time. We have bagged many peaks, and hiked many trails. Four of our members (Matt, Brian, Evan and Brit) have thru-hiked Vermont’s Long Trail. We have hiked and biked all over the world in places like Canada, Taiwan, Chile, and New Zealand. Ultra running (especially on trails) is a favorite activity, with a few 50 miler and trail marathon finishes by our members. We love nature, but when we can’t get in the woods, we are happy to rip our bikes (often fixed gear) around the city. Alleycat bike races are a fun way for us to race in the city, without taking things too seriously. Most of us call New England home, and many of our trips take us around the Northeast, but we can’t wait to explore more of the country and the world as soon as possible.

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The SAASSY Scorch

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